Hosted IVR Solutions

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Hosted IVR
Fast, Flexible Hosted IVR At An Affordable Price
Hosted IVR helps you quickly and easily create web-based interactive voice response applications without any programming.
Using Hosted IVR For Your Business
Create automated inbound and outbound IVR phone trees to route calls, qualify callers, process orders, survey customers, and more using our interactive voice response software. EGTS Hosted IVR provides a robust, simple to use, IVR solution at an affordable price.
Key Features of Hosted IVR
• Instant IVR set up with our easy visual IVR designer
Quickly create a sophisticated interactive voice response application that normally takes weeks to develop with other platforms. No need to wait for IVR Pricing or a custom IVR quote.
• Real-Time Analytics and Reporting
Use personalized reports to monitor real-time IVR statistics including caller information, about each inbound or outbound phone call.
• Develop an IVR system without programming
Your Hosted IVR is configured from an easy-to-use website, and can be integrated with any Web development environment using our IVR API.
• Online IVR software configuration and real-time updates
Configure your business’s IVR system from the web as easily as filling out a form on a website. Update your IVR in real-time, and build an unlimited number of IVR menus at no additional cost.
• IVR API integration with your software and web applications
Setting up an IVR to prompt a customer for their customer ID, post the ID back to your web server and look up your customer’s order status are just a few of the features you can control, requiring only basic web development skills.
• NEW: Voice-to-Text IVR Transcription software
Want to ask open-ended questions? Use EGTS IVR Transcription to transcribe caller responses into text.

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