ClickCall : Click to Call

An Online Inquiry is responded within 2 minutes has 400% more chance of converting into sales? You can be that responsive too!

Convert your website visitors into Potential Clients Using our Click 2 Call. You can create widgets which can be easily integrated into any of your existing webpages, blogs, customer portal etc..
Once you integrated the widget into your page the widget will be shown in that page and when a website visitor requires any clarifications before availing your services or products they can simply enter their contact number into the widget then EGTS connects with your employees and website visitor’s real time.

Simple HTML Integration of Widgets
Create Unlimited Widgets & Assign Agents
Country Wise/Number Blocking/IP Blocking

10+ Routing Algorithms + External Routing Rules
Live Website Visitors Stats & Invite to Call
Real Time Monitoring & Recording Option

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